Program and Posters

On this web page, you can find the schedule for all talks and also a list of all posters which will be presented.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

19:00 Welcome
Restaurant Oskar, Maximilianstrasse 33, 95444 Bayreuth

Monday, 10 October 2016

08:45 Opening
09:00 B. Eckhardt Exact coherent structures for boundary layers
09:40 H. J. Brauckmann Marginally stable and turbulent boundary layers in low-curvature Taylor-Couette flow
09:55 D. Horvath Precipitation patterns driven by gravity current
10:20 Coffee Break
10:45 F. Sagués Conditioning and steering active nematics at interfaces
11:25 D. Svenšek Generalized conservation law for main-chain polymer nematics
11:50 G. Schuszter Flow-controlled precipitation patterns for carbon dioxide sequestration
12:05 M. A. Budroni Classification of cross-diffusion-driven convection in 3-component double-layer systems: Theory and Experiments
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 B. Hof Directed percolation transition to turbulence
14:25 S. Zammert Coherent structures in the asymptotic suction boundary layer over a heated plate
14:40 C. Paranjape Stripe-like solutions in plane Poiseuille flow
14:55 U. Thiele Sliding Drops - stationary states and collective dynamics
15:20 Coffee Break
15:50 V. Steinberg Experimental results on pair dispersion in a microfluidic chaotic flow
16:15 J. Schumacher Numerical studies of turbulent convection in liquid mercury and sodium
16:40 D. Lohse Rayleigh-Bénard Turbulence
16:40 Coffee Break
17:00 F. H. Busse What Can Thermal Convection Teach Us about the Nature of Turbulence?
18:00 Evening Poster Session & Dinner-Buffet

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

08:45 C. Misbah Instabilities and patterns of microswimmers
09:25 L. Pismen Genetic expression patterns shaped by interacting morphogens
09:50 V. Zykov Periodic sequence of stabilized wave segments in excitable media
10:05 M. Stich Standing wave patterns in an oscillatory system induced by time-delay feedback and under the influence of noise
10:20 L. Rapp Size Matters for Min Protein and Nonlinear Wave Patterns
10:35 Coffee Break
11:00 H. Chaté Understanding dense active nematics from microscopic models
11:40 B. Liebchen Pattern Formation and Clustering in Chemorepulsive Active Colloids
11:55 F. Ziebert Rolling, rolling, rolling - a new self-propulsion mechanism
12:20 Lunch Break
14:00 S. Jorda The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation
14:15 K. Kruse Still and rotating myosin clusters determine cytokinetic ring constriction
14:55 A. Gholami Control of pattern formation in Dictyostelium discoideum
15:20 Coffee Break
15:50 J. Käs Self-organization and Pattern Formation in Carcinomas and their microenvironment
16:30 A. Zöttl Dynamic patterns in hydrodynamically interacting active particles
16:55 S. Budday Growth-induced mechanical instabilities explain pattern selection in the developing brain
17:10 Coffee Break
17:30 A. Pumir 10th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture
Synchronization of Spatial Patterns: A Matter of Life or Death
19:00 Conference Dinner
Restaurant Engin's Ponte, Opernstrasse 24-26, 95444 Bayreuth

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

08:45 H. Loewen Patterns formed by active colloids
09:25 F. Peruani Large-scales patterns in a minimal cognitive flocking model: incidental leaders, nematic patterns, and aggregates
09:50 A. Morin Flocking through disorder
10:05 A. Chervanyov Effect of the orientational relaxation on the collective motion of patterns formed by self-propelled particles
10:20 Coffee Break
10:45 I. Zuriguel Clogging and unclogging of many-particle systems passing through bottlenecks
11:10 K. Huang Rotator crystals in wet granular matter
11:25 T. Börzsönyi Elongated particles in shear flow
11:40 A. Pikovsky Chimera patterns in the Kuramoto-Battogtokh model
12:05 Final Discussion and Closing Remarks


P1 Periodic patterns induced by a DC bias voltage and how to avoid them
Agnes Buka, Nandor Eber, Peter Salamon, and Alexei Krekhov
P2 Tunable optical grating in a bent-core NLC
Agnes Buka, Ying Xiang, Nandor Eber, and Peter Salamon
P3 Spatiotemporal complexity of electroconvection patterns in nematics
Alexei Krekhov, Werner Pesch, Nandor Eber, Agnes Buka, Eduard Batyrshin, and Vladimir Delev
P4 Membrane Instability Driven by an AC Electric Field
Mirko Ruppert, Walter Zimmermann, and Falko Ziebert
P5 Branched wrinkles in inhomogeneous film-on-substrate systems
Roland Aichele, Badr Kaoui, Markus Hilt, Falko Ziebert, and Walter Zimmermann
P6 Pattern formation at the border between marine and terrestrial ecosystems
Feras Karakit, Thorsten Balke, and Ulrike Feudel
P7 Observation of a Falling Droplet with pH Indicator
Kinko Tsuji and Stefan C. Müller
P8 Stuttering of Min oscillations is induced by stochastic effects
Lukas Wettmann and Karsten Kruse
P9 Reflection of Nonlinear Traveling Waves without Boundaries
Fabian Bergmann, Lisa Rapp, and Walter Zimmermann
P10 Pattern Orientation in Finite Domains without Boundaries
Lisa Rapp, Fabian Bergmann, and Walter Zimmermann
P11 Steering cell shape, polarization dynamics and motion patterns of cells by optically controlled microsources
Konrad Berghoff, Silvie Geigerova, Wolfgang Groß, Heike Herold, Thomas Scheibel, and Holger Kress
P12 Modeling membrane feedback and substrate topography for crawling cells
Benjamin Winkler, Igor Aranson, and Falko Ziebert
P13 Reciprocating motion of active deformable particles
Mitsusuke Tarama and Takao Ohta
P14 Pattern formation in feed-back driven colloidal suspensions
Sonja Babel
P15 A model for transient subdiffusive particle motion in mucus
Thomas John, Matthias Ernst, Marco Guenther, Ulrich F. Schaefer, Claus-Michael Lehr, and Christian Wagner
P16 Diffusion nearby elastic cell membranes
Abdallah Daddi Moussa Ider, Achim Guckenberger, and Stephan Gekle
P17 Mobility functions of a spheroidal particle near a planar elastic membrane
Abdallah Daddi Moussa Ider, Maciej Lisicki, and Stephan Gekle
P18 Migration-transition of non-buoyant soft particles in vertical flows
Andre Förtsch, Matthias Laumann, Diego Kienle, and Walter Zimmermann
P19 Clustering of microscopic particles in constricted blood flow
Christian Bächer, Lukas Schrack, and Stephan Gekle
P20 Ultrasound-triggered margination of microbubbles for targeted drug delivery
Achim Guckenberger and Stephan Gekle
P21 Squeezing capsules into a constriction: deformation till break-up
Badr Kaoui, Anne Le Goff, and Anne-Virginie Salsac
P22 Cross-streamline migration of soft and asymmetric particles in oscillatory shear flow
Matthias Laumann, Paul Bauknecht, Andre Förtsch, Stephan Gekle, Diego Kienle, and Walter Zimmermann
P23 Lateral Migration of Soft Microparticles in Wavy Microchannels
Matthias Laumann, Badr Kaoui, Georg Freund, Christian König, Alexander Farutin, Chaouqi Misbah, Diego Kienle, and Walter Zimmermann
P24 Migration of soft particles in a modulated microchannel with flow along the grooves
Winfried Schmidt, Matthias Laumann, and Walter Zimmermann
P25 Softly-actuated swimmers in drag-dominant oscillatory flows
Matthias Laumann, Ikhee Jo, Yangyang Huang, Diego Kienle, Eva Kanso, and Walter Zimmermann
P26 Platelet and micelle orientation for laminar liquid jets
Lukas Schrack and Stephan Gekle
P27 Transient dynamics in the accelerating region of collapsing freely suspended films
Florian von Rüling, Torsten Trittel, Alexey Eremin, and Ralf Stannarius
P28 Mechanism for aging in defect-free stripe phases
Günter Radons, Christian Riesch, and Robert Magerle
P29 Universal dichotomy for dynamical systems with variable delay
Günter Radons, David Müller, and Andreas Otto
P30 Homoclinic snaking near the surface instability of a ferrofluid
Dave J. B. Lloyd, Christian Gollwitzer, Ingo Rehberg, and Reinhard Richter
P31 Measuring the coarsening dynamics of ferromagnetic networks
Armin Kögel and Reinhard Richter
P32 Frustrated magnetic clutches -- do they really work?
Simeon Völkel and Ingo Rehberg
P33 Morphology of growing drops on an inclined surface
Simeon Völkel and Kai Huang
P34 Inclined-layer convection in fluids with small Prandtl number
Oliver Zier, Werner Pesch, and Walter Zimmermann
P35 Patterns of steady viscous flows with anomalous transport properties
Michael Zaks and Alexander Nepomnyashchy